More Colour, Less Politics in Technology

Grievance widely spreads in Company X last week due to the sudden redundancy. It is not because work shortage; actually there are overwhelmed workload and not enough human resource as always. It is not because the people get redundant fail to meet their job requirements; actually several colleagues with outstanding commitment and exceptional skills suffered from the redundancy.

Before I changed my career to IT, I thought it would be a relatively pure world. Less politics and more colour.

When I changed my career to IT, I thought I was about to help people with convenient work life. Parents will be able to work remotely and more part-time opportunities.

I was wrong it depends on individual environment, and definitely not in Company X. A valuable colleague got redundant, which actually saved Company X’s welfare pay as the result.

I still remember my passion when I studied IT; I still remember my personal life before. I refuse to forget those and to be disappointed. So does many other IT professionals. We are simple people and simply devote our intelligence and commitment to make the world a slightly better place.

Shall we add more colour but less politics to technology?

Picture 1: X’mas card I drew on iPAD while studying in Japan


Picture 2: Girl holding Mobile Garden I drew on iPAD. Mobile Garden is a project that my laboratory mate started in German.


Picture 3: and sweets! That’s called life!!!



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